Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Beautiful Antique Carriage

During the Christmas holidays, I was refinishing alot of childrens pieces.  Tables and chairs, toy chests, play kitchens, and a very special antique baby carriage.  When I first saw this carriage, I immediately knew it wouldn't last very long.  With Christmas a couple of weeks away, I thought for sure that a mommy on my facebook page would grab this quickly  for her little girl ~

It was pretty from the very beginning, just needed a little added love to make it gorgeous.  Of course, when I brought this home, my little granddaughter, Samantha, wanted it.  But I explained to her that someone else would probably get more use out of it than she would.  If you all only knew the toys, and craft items this little girl has.....omg.  She will probably take after me when she grows up as she loves to paint, is very creative and always looking for things to repurpose.  Anyway, so she was o.k. after I told her it was going to be up for sale.

Well, within a couple of hours of posting this pretty carriage, it was claimed.  A lovely lady by the name of Melanie, of RENDERING BY MELANIE, bought it.  Turns out that she is a photographer ~ how perfect was this?  She wasn't sure what color she wanted it refinished but she knew she wanted the carriage. 

So, Christmas came and went and Melanie decided on brown ~ so I did some research to see what antique carriages looked like "back in the days".  I found some in brown with black wheels ~ that was my question ~ what color do I paint the wheels. 

I went and bought the paint color that Melanie picked ~ it was Bison Brown by Behr and I went with the satin finish.  So, I took the carriage completely apart, primed it  and started the painting ~ after a few coats of this bison brown on the body of the carriage ~ I was in love with it. 

So, I am currently using her photo as my profile picture for my name change of YOUNIQUE727 to ON SECOND THOUGHT......might even decide on making it my permanent one....hhmmmmm.

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