Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tis The Season For Kids Stuff AND Knobs

Wow, can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner ~  11 days to be exact.  I've been picking up all sorts of precious little kid items because I know this season is all about the kids.  Don't get me wrong, I know the most important reason for the season is Jesus and after Jesus comes our kids ~ what we wouldn't do for them, right?  Well, in addition to looking for beautiful pieces lately, I've also been picking up kids pieces ~
I love finding these treasures as its not everyday that you run across these ~ I was so excited when I found this at the auction ~ and when I was able to buy it.....WOW ~ ECSTATIC was how I felt.  Besides finding these gorgeous pieces, I love picking up knobs when they are on sale....don't you love them too?  Sometimes I buy them just to have them in stock......

Another precious item I recently picked up was this little wooden kitchen sink ~ it didn't look like much but I KNOW it will be beautiful when I'm finished with it ~ can you picture funky, chic, zebra, crystal, pink/white ~ that's where I'm taking this kitchen ~
The other thing I am REALLY excited about is the new color I have recently discovered ~ I don't know what the name of it is
But I think I will be painting THIS desk this particular color and adding THESE knobs ~

Be sure and come back and I will be posting pictures of all the finished items ~

Thanks for stopping by and May God Bless You :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Extraordinary Women in My Life

I promised you that I would write about the women in my life that make it possible for me to create the beautiful pieces of furniture at the same time to maintain a clean home, do laundry, etc.  Although it is our tendency as women, to be superwomen, we all need help and support.  I am so blessed to have a wonderful group of sisters and mom that help me when I'm being pulled in all directions.  The very first one on my list if my beautiful mother ~ she comes over when I'm going crazy because I haven't had a chance to clean the bathrooms, fold and put away clean laundry, dust all my furniture,  ~ you get the picture....lol.  She is such a pro at this that I don't worry about anything when she's here ~ she knows where everything goes ~ she knows where I keep my cleaning supplies, etc.  LOVE MY MOM

I come from a very big family ~ a total of 7 of us.  We are 5 girls (including myself) and 2 boys.....my sisters and I are very, very close.  Our entire family is very close knit.  I have two sisters in particular that are always willing to help when I need them.  My sister Nel, who loves to paint ~ was here this weekend and I had her sand all my pieces.  Although she would prefer to paint, I have decided to take that responsibility myself as it is my business and I've learned a lesson regarding this ~ so, enough said on that ~ I DO ALL THE PAINTING.......LOL
Then I have another sister, Terri ~ she has a full time job but doesn't work very far from my home.  If I'm running low on paint, I'll call her and ask her to pick up a gallon for me.  This keeps me from having to stop working.  She is such a joy to be around ~ very funny and happy all the time.  She just came by last night and we had a grand time ~ yes, we went to dinner and spent some quality time together.

Then, here is me......these are my typical work days :)  I  feel so blessed to have my family.  My sisters are the best any girl could ask for......

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Three Men In My Life ~

I often have people ask me how do I do everything I have to do?  I have to make sure my home is kept clean, do laundry, cook (well, sometimes), purchase pieces of furniture then paint it, and be a wife too .....Well, let me tell you......its not all me.  I have a great support system that helps me out tremendously ~ introducing my wonderful dad.....he is there for me anytime I call ~ we pick up furniture, we deliver furniture and anything else I may need him to do for me.......

My son, Freddy.....where do I begin with my praise for him?  I have been stranded on the other side of town and there comes my son to fix my tire.....then when the transmission went out on my GMC, there comes my son again.   He loaded up my GMC onto his trailer and took it to the shop himself so I wouldn't have to pay a wrecker ~  ALWAYS there for me.  He also has picked up furniture for me and other things that I have needed wanted.  He is one strong young man and the most wonderful son any mom could have.

 This is my husband, Jody ~ he NEVER tells me no.  I tell him I want to buy a new sprayer....o.k.; I want to buy 5 new pieces of furniture.....o.k.; I want to ........o.k.  He does what he can for me, when he can.  He had a stroke in May of 2009 and he is still trying to recover from that.  He has a difficult time speaking, walking and much less helping me load or unload furniture.  I try not to ask him to move furniture for me as I know its a very big challenge for him ~ but he's always there to support anything I want to do.  He was recently in the hospital 11/22 - 11/27 ~ yes, we spent Thanksgiving in the hospital ~ we will never forget this year....lol.  He is now recovering from this hospital stay.     

 Yes, no one can do anything alone.......if you want to be successful, you have to have a great support system and I definitely have that.......come back tomorrow and I will introduce you to the women in my life.......