Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Extraordinary Women in My Life

I promised you that I would write about the women in my life that make it possible for me to create the beautiful pieces of furniture at the same time to maintain a clean home, do laundry, etc.  Although it is our tendency as women, to be superwomen, we all need help and support.  I am so blessed to have a wonderful group of sisters and mom that help me when I'm being pulled in all directions.  The very first one on my list if my beautiful mother ~ she comes over when I'm going crazy because I haven't had a chance to clean the bathrooms, fold and put away clean laundry, dust all my furniture,  ~ you get the  She is such a pro at this that I don't worry about anything when she's here ~ she knows where everything goes ~ she knows where I keep my cleaning supplies, etc.  LOVE MY MOM

I come from a very big family ~ a total of 7 of us.  We are 5 girls (including myself) and 2 sisters and I are very, very close.  Our entire family is very close knit.  I have two sisters in particular that are always willing to help when I need them.  My sister Nel, who loves to paint ~ was here this weekend and I had her sand all my pieces.  Although she would prefer to paint, I have decided to take that responsibility myself as it is my business and I've learned a lesson regarding this ~ so, enough said on that ~ I DO ALL THE PAINTING.......LOL
Then I have another sister, Terri ~ she has a full time job but doesn't work very far from my home.  If I'm running low on paint, I'll call her and ask her to pick up a gallon for me.  This keeps me from having to stop working.  She is such a joy to be around ~ very funny and happy all the time.  She just came by last night and we had a grand time ~ yes, we went to dinner and spent some quality time together.

Then, here is me......these are my typical work days :)  I  feel so blessed to have my family.  My sisters are the best any girl could ask for......

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