Friday, April 30, 2010

Cinderella ~ The Gorgeous Dresser

Bought this now gorgeous dresser at a garage sale ~ the lady said it didn't fit in with their new furniture and their new home.....GOOD FOR ME! The bones on this piece are good ~ all the drawers work perfect and it really is pretty (not including the usual brown color).....

These people even delivered this piece to my home/shop ~ now how cool was this????

Well, crazy me, again, DIDN'T TAKE BEFORE, here is a picture of the AFTER ~ I painted it a vintage white and then spray painted the hardware a carmel latte color ~

Came out pretty, huh?

O.K., on to the next project ~ trying a new color on this gorgeous, just gorgeous piece that I have......can't wait. Don't worry, I already have the BEFORE pic.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Destiny" ~ The Beautiful Black Entry/Sofa Table

My sister, Nel, wasn't too thrilled about this table ~ she looked at it and said, "what? you want to buy that???" I said, yes, look at it, its a beautiful piece and has lots of potential. Well, SHE ended up buying it as I had already spent my limit for the day ~ which is easy to do, as you know, when you're out "hunting ~ So, I suggested she paint it black. Unfortunately, she got ahead of herself and forgot to take a BEFORE picture......but it was the usual faded brown wood and really didn't have a personality.

Two days later, here is DESTINY ~ I think she came out beautiful. Then Nel said to me, "you know what, its too plain, let's add some crystal knobs to it" ~ GREAT IDEA, we had to ask our dad to drill some holes so we could put knobs on this plain table.

So here is the picture.......drum roll, sister LOVES this piece now ~ DESTINY is available for only $175 ~ wish I could buy it....

Marissa ~ Antique Dresser

I apologize again for being so late in blogging ~ you know how time flies when you're busy working ~ here is another piece of furniture that was pretty but now its GORGEOUS ~ she is named Marissa ~

The beautiful blue has been so popular that I decided to do this again with distressing and glazing ~ she came out GORGEOUS, don't you think?

Its funny because everytime I finish a piece, I want to keep it here at home but then I realize ~ where am I going to put it? I don't have room for anymore Now I even have my sister, Nel, working with me and we are both doing this so its DOUBLE THE FURNITURE ~ so, we have to work quickly to get our pieces SOLD......

Here are a couple of pics of Marissa ~ the before and the after....hope you like them....

Friday, April 23, 2010

Charming ~ The Black Dresser

This beautiful dresser was "cute" when it arrived; but of course, we had to make it beautiful. Then there was the decision of what color ~ we went with black. Wow, I'm glad we chose black ~ it turned out so pretty. The silver hardware really stood out also. Some of the original hardware was missing, so instead of buying ALL new hardware ~ I took what was still there and spray painted it silver ~ then I bought new silver ones for the missing ones ~ how clever, huh ~ nice hardware is not cheap so I had to be creative.

Well, Charming didn't last too long ~ it was gone within two days. Guess I need to paint more black pieces, you think????

Anastasia and Alexandria ~ SOLD

I'm playing catch up today ~ busy, busy, busy. These two pieces named Anastasia and Alexandria were claimed right away when their new owner, Marcie, first saw them. She is in the process of opening up a new spa salon in the Manvel/Pearland area (be sure and stay tuned for the opening date)and said these two pieces would be perfect.

She originally came to yOuNiQuE727 to purchase some other pieces (which she took with her that evening) but then decided she had to have these too ~ so, as usual, the work begin on creating that beautiful look Marcie wanted. Anastasia needed lots of TLC ~ after I was finished with it and gave her some new crystal jewelery ~ SHE WAS THE BELL OF THE BALL! I must say, she looked BEAUTIFUL. And of course, the other piece, Alexandria, was just as beautiful.

Marcie came by today and take her beautiful treasures with her ~ I can't wait to see them in her new spa/salon ~ remember, she will be looking for us when she has her grand opening. Thanks, Marcie ~ wishing you much success!

Clayton ~ Kingsize Headboard

Wow, today is Thursday and I haven't blogged all week. Its been really crazy busy here at younique727 but in a good way. We've sold several pieces; gotten new pieces in and the party continues.

This week I had the pleasure of meeting a very special client ~ her name is Alexis. We have been in touch with each other for about 3 weeks regarding this particular headboard. She decided she wanted it; told me what color and the work begin. In a few days, the headboard was complete and ready to go. Well, Alexis didn't have a way to pick this KINGSIZE headboard up, so we headed he way. I had forgotten how bad the traffic is in the downtown area then the Medical Center ~ we eventually arrived at her home. She was such a beautiful and happy person, I was so glad! O.K., then we proceeded to take the KINGSIZE headboard into the elevator and up to her apartment ~ when it was all said and done ~ it looked beautiful in her bedroom. That piece of furniture had the name ALEXIS all over it.

Another yOuNiQuE727 client that I was blessed to meet.....I LOVE MY JOB.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Anastasia is Complete ~ Available for $275

Here are just a couple of pictures of Anastasia ~ the beautiful buffet/sideboard that was once white and a little beaten up. I added some beautiful color to her, new jewelery and she's ready for the ball.

Today has been a rainy day so I didn't get to work on my projects much but tomorrow will be better ~

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Life is Short ~ sometimes we just don't get it

I recently found out that an acquaintance has lost her father at the young age of 53. Although I have never met this person nor her father or her family, I can understand the pain they are going through. It's never easy when a family member passes away, especially at a young age. With this thought in mind, I have to remind myself that life is short ~ we must take advantage of telling the important people in our lives that we love and appreciate them. We all get so tangled up in our daily routines of working, cleaning house, doing laundry, paying bills, etc., etc......but at the end, does any of this really matter? No, it doesn't. What matters is that you make a difference in someone's life, that you help when you can, that you spend time with your loved ones, even when you KNOW you DON'T have the time.....

I will have to really slow down a little myself ~ I find myself doing all of the above, I mean the laundry, the cleaning, the bills, and I forget that my family needs my, I will slow down and try to work a little faster to take care of the REALLY IMPORTANT THINGS......FAMILY AND FRIENDS ~

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Transformation of "Anastasia"

After trying to get to this beautiful piece for the last two weeks, I finally started working on it Saturday ~ when I saw this piece at the auction, I knew she had alot of potential. Now I'm going to start working on it and making her as beautiful as I can ~ I'm thinking of the color tranquil blue with a golden glaze ~ at any rate, whatever color she is, she will be gorgeous.

The home that Anastasia will be in is going to be classy place just for having her in their space ~

Let me see how much I can get done today.

Come back in a couple of days to see the final transformation of "Anastasia" ~ she will be available for $275.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Green Desk/Vanity

Well, finally finished this pretty little vanity/desk ~ took a little bit more elbow grease than usual but it was sure worth it. Changed out the hardware so it looks all shiny and new now ~

This piece will look cute in a girly girl's room ~ I love it.

Going back to my work room now as I'm almost finished with "Charming" my little black dresser.