Friday, April 23, 2010

Anastasia and Alexandria ~ SOLD

I'm playing catch up today ~ busy, busy, busy. These two pieces named Anastasia and Alexandria were claimed right away when their new owner, Marcie, first saw them. She is in the process of opening up a new spa salon in the Manvel/Pearland area (be sure and stay tuned for the opening date)and said these two pieces would be perfect.

She originally came to yOuNiQuE727 to purchase some other pieces (which she took with her that evening) but then decided she had to have these too ~ so, as usual, the work begin on creating that beautiful look Marcie wanted. Anastasia needed lots of TLC ~ after I was finished with it and gave her some new crystal jewelery ~ SHE WAS THE BELL OF THE BALL! I must say, she looked BEAUTIFUL. And of course, the other piece, Alexandria, was just as beautiful.

Marcie came by today and take her beautiful treasures with her ~ I can't wait to see them in her new spa/salon ~ remember, she will be looking for us when she has her grand opening. Thanks, Marcie ~ wishing you much success!

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