Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Destiny" ~ The Beautiful Black Entry/Sofa Table

My sister, Nel, wasn't too thrilled about this table ~ she looked at it and said, "what? you want to buy that???" I said, yes, look at it, its a beautiful piece and has lots of potential. Well, SHE ended up buying it as I had already spent my limit for the day ~ which is easy to do, as you know, when you're out "hunting ~ So, I suggested she paint it black. Unfortunately, she got ahead of herself and forgot to take a BEFORE picture......but it was the usual faded brown wood and really didn't have a personality.

Two days later, here is DESTINY ~ I think she came out beautiful. Then Nel said to me, "you know what, its too plain, let's add some crystal knobs to it" ~ GREAT IDEA, we had to ask our dad to drill some holes so we could put knobs on this plain table.

So here is the picture.......drum roll, sister LOVES this piece now ~ DESTINY is available for only $175 ~ wish I could buy it....

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