Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Silver Slipper ~ Chest of Drawers

A client of mine recently asked me to refurbish repaint a gorgeous, little beat up, but still pretty, garage sale find for her.  It is a french provencial, 9 drawer dresser ~ yes, its big.  When she first asked for a quote, she simply stated she wanted silver ~ so, sure, no problem ~ I can do that.

Well, when she arrived at my home, she brought over the dresser, the headboard and the mirror, again, no problem.  Then we started talking ~ me with my creative juices in full gear ~ started talking about metallic, glazing, antiquing, etc..  She then decided she wanted it a silver metallic with black glazing on the edging only.....

Folks, I've done two small pieces using the metallic technique before so I thought to myself ~ what have I gotten myself into?  Thank God for having friends in the same business ~ my friend, Jannet at Simple Matters, gave me some tips and pointers.  I took her advice ~ haven't started on the ladies dresser yet but I did finish one of my own pieces, which is this ugly  old chest of drawer (BEFORE)

 ......... tell me what you think of the AFTER ♥

Thanks for stopping by and May God Bless Y♥U!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Bird/Birdhouse Lovers and more ~ Home Decor

I know there are many, many people that ♥ birds and birdhouses ~ actually I ♥ them too.  Here are few pieces that might interest you ~ a black steeple birdhouse,  ~  gorgeous canvas of a little bird on a twig and of course, little bird figurines

These beautiful pieces can be picked up directly from me or I can ship them to you ~ you don't even have to leave your computer.....lol.  Look at this little birhouse steeple ~ just gorgeous.  The bird inside is praying to her unborn babies.......

I added some other pieces to make the set up prettier ~ a couple of topiaries, a glass pitcher with a plate
So, this is from the Bird/Birdhouse Collection ~ see something you like, let me know, I can ship it to you. 

Come back tomorrow and I will have more furniture to share with you.

Thanks for stopping by and May God Bless Y♥U!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hello Friends,

For the past few months, I have been refinishing furniture ~ anything I could get my hands on.  Chairs, dressers, chest of drawers, headboards, etc.  I love doing that ~ well, when people would come to my home, I would receive compliments about the decor, how I accessorize, etc., etc. ~ I'm sure all you out there have gorgeous homes too ♥  

 Well, with this thought in mind, I said, why not EXPAND my furniture business to the home decor business too??  Yeah, why not? I think I have good flavor taste on stuff ~ so, here are some of the things I've picked up already ~ I can't wait to see the reaction of my clients.  I will be adding more things, like antiques, glassware, and anything in between ~ maybe antique doors (check out Miss Mustard Seed ~ she's awesome).

I hope you enjoy my new postings ~ but furniture will be here too ~ its going to be bigger and better ♥

Thanks for stopping by and may God Bless Y♥U!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Featured on "BETTER AFTER"

Have you ever had one of those days where you are so busy working on one of your projects, and you start thinking, "o.k., is this really worth it ~ should I go back to Corporate America" ~ I was in the healthcare industry before as a director and it was c.r.a.z.y ~.  It amazes me because just yesterday I thought to myself, o.k., you better go to your blog and write something as I hadn't done it in about a week.  I am so glad that I did ~ God knew what he was telling me ♥  

About three hours later, I received an e-mail from Leslie over at "Saving Grace" telling me congratulations for being featured on BETTER AFTER!  I said, WHAT????  I stopped everything I was doing and went to my favorite blog ~ sure enough, there it was......YOUNIQUE (she left off the 727 part).  I was SOOOO excited, happy, full of adreneline.  Isn't it funny how just a little happy moment as this can make your day.....well, it did for me. 

I want to say Thank You to all the beautiful people for the nice comments, their prayers and their compliment.......I know now that I am where I am supposed to be ~ making furniture younique and making new friends ~ I LOVE WHAT I DO. 

Thanks for stoppy by ♥

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Zoe ~ White Desk with Zebra Knobs

HI ♥ I know I've neglected my blog for too long so I'm baaack and happy to be here.  I've had several projects going on, which as always, is a wonderful thing.  The problem is, since I paint every piece by hand, it takes alot of time and effort.  O.K. ~ the latest experiement is a desk.  When I picked this piece up, I had already seen it on C/L but wasn't interested.  I originally went to pick up another piece (MIMOSA ~ which will come later).  This little desk was wild looking to say the least ~ black with blotches of red ~ again, wild.  Anyway, I decided to go ahead and pick it up ~ she had potential. Here she is BEFORE
O.K., I didn't see that it was U.G.L.Y., it was sort of cute but I personally didn't care for it.  I was looking for more of a shabby chic with a little safari flair to it.  So, of course, I went with a white (actually vintage linen) and added new zebra knobs ~ and here is ZOE now:

Thanks for stopping by ♥

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Family BEFORE Furniture

Not too long ago I mentioned that lots of things were going on in my personal life ~ my husband and stepson (who had moved in with us because his own mother kicked him out) moved out and got THEIR OWN place, then my daughter and her three children moved in with me because her relationship wasn't working out ~ it has been a very delicate and difficult, to say the least, situation for me. 

I must say I miss my husband being here at home but things were getting out of control ~ I wasn't able to handle HIS son living here and then HIS son bringing his two young (9 mo. and 2 yr.) children over every other day .....my stepson wasn't working so he would pick up his kids from daycare and bring them to our home.  I didn't understand what his reason was for this ~ it wasn't like he was taking them to the zoo, to the park or anything really special ~ he would keep them in the bedroom with him the entire time ....just didn't make sense to me.  When I would tell my husand how I felt about this, we would begin to argue, and as a parent, you will always defend your child's actions....right or wrong.

Now I have MY daughter and MY grandchildren living with me ~ I think this is even MORE difficult because I'm now sort of a built-in sitter ~ I ask God everyday to forgive me for not understanding why my stepson needed to pick up his kids every other day and bring them to my home; now I have MY daughter and grandkids here EVERYDAY......Is God trying to tell me something?  I think so ~

Since all this has happened, it has been more difficult than ever to paint and create beautiful furniture ~ I love what I do but when you have kids around all the time, you have to take care of them, cook for them, clean the kitchen, then cook again, do more laundry, etc., etc. ~ you get the picture.  I try not to mention my saddness or frustration to my daughter because I don't want her to think that I don't support her decision or that I wish my husband was back home.

I have come to the conclusion that I have to put family before furniture ~ I will continue to work everyday but can probably only finish one piece at a time instead of two or three, like I use to.

In the meantime, my husband and I talk everyday, on the phone, and hope that things will change.

God is always answering my prayers so I will leave it to him to decide what is best.

More pictures of pieces that I'm working on as soon as I can finish one.

Thanks for stopping by♥

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reese ~ The Pretty Little Console Table

Here is another piece that I fell in love with when I first saw it (BEFORE)......it had lots of curves and lots of details. 

 HOWEVERRRRR....it had one little flaw (just like we all do).  One of her little legs was shorter than the others ~ I wasn't sure if I could fix this, was it worth buying it and paying someone to fix it, could it be fixed.......all these questions ran through my mind.  I finally decided to take a chance with it.  It was, after all, SOLID WOOD, which is something I always look for and it was PRETTY.  So, here is what she (REESE) looked like with her little broken leg:

Then, here  she is after she was loved, went to surgery, went through about 3 days of recovery .  Amazing what a little  plastic surgery can do for us ladies, huh??? 

Thanks for stopping by ♥

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Creative Ladies Meeting ~

A group of creative ladies from the Houston area are teaming up to make your life, your home, and yourself BEAUTIFUL ~ we all have something in common ~ TALENT & CREATIVITY.  It's amazing how time flies when you're in the presence of great company.  We had great conversation, good food and wonderful ideas ~ so, look out because this is just the beginning of our group ~

If you would like to join us, feel free to contact me and I will give you more details ~

Thanks to Mandie from ALTAR'D, for putting together this great meeting ~ others in attendance were Jannet from SIMPLE MATTERS, Lynn from BRICO DESIGNS, Shelby from SAVING GRACE, and others who I forgot the names (senior moment.....lol).

Thanks for stopping by♥

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Reveal of the Zebra Headboard

Well, it took me a little longer to post this as things have been pretty hectic wild around here.  Not only did we have a family wedding on Saturday but we then had lots of company over on Sunday ~ so, no time to paint or work on furniture ~ not good, not good.  I'm so use to working all the time that I forget its o.k  to take a day off sometime ~ did you get that majic word "sometime".  We all know that in order to finish a project we must keep working ~

So, here is the final picture of the headboard ~ only took two pics as my battery on my camera said "BATTERY EXHAUSTED" ~ how in the world can a battery be exhausted?  Only I can be exhausted!

Anywho ~ here it is and I hope you like it:

I'm going to add the fabric on the footboard too but I haven't gotten around to it ~ time, time, time.  How does time go so quickly? 

Thanks for stopping by ♥

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Wild & Sexy Headboard ~ Let's See How It Turns Out

I've refinished several headboards before ~ the usual, sanding, painting, glazing, distressing ~ but I've decided to do something a little wild different this time.  I have this really pretty and unique headboard ~ it was originally brown. 

Well, after sanding and priming, I decided to paint it BLACK ~ this color does very well (in selling).  I didn't want to just leave it black though, I wanted something *~yOuNiQuE*~ so, what did I come up with? This is how it looks now.......

  How about adding a hint of ZEBRA????  Yep, that's EXACTLY what I'm going to do.....can you tell where I'm going to add that ZEBRA touch?  Come back tomorrow to find out.........

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


You ladies know how it is to go out on a treasure hunt and want to buy everything you see?  Oh, I can do this to that table or I can fix that chair, its only $5 or not quite sure what it is, but it looks cool ~ we have all done this, right?  PLEASE do not tell me I'm the only one with this illness mentality :)   Its in our genes ladies, that's why we paint, decorate, design, decopage (is that spelled correctly...hehehe???) 

Well ~ I've been getting a little carried away here lately and have been buying more than selling ~ this is not a good thing.  My office is really cramped now ~ so is my living room (not too bad, though) and my garage ~ OMG ~ you really don't want to see that!  But it is an ORGANIZED MESS, if that makes any sense.

This is why I am having a CLEAR OUT MY OFFICE SALE ~ and here are some of the items available ~ and you can also make me an offer ~ I'm so nice, huh? 

Well, I really do want my office space back ~ I spend alot of time in here (that's where I am NOW) and I spend the rest of the time in my shop/garage.

So, visit my website at http://www.younique727.com/ and tell me you want to buy one of these ~ ITS ON SALE :)

Thanks for stopping by ♥