Monday, June 7, 2010

The Reveal of the Zebra Headboard

Well, it took me a little longer to post this as things have been pretty hectic wild around here.  Not only did we have a family wedding on Saturday but we then had lots of company over on Sunday ~ so, no time to paint or work on furniture ~ not good, not good.  I'm so use to working all the time that I forget its o.k  to take a day off sometime ~ did you get that majic word "sometime".  We all know that in order to finish a project we must keep working ~

So, here is the final picture of the headboard ~ only took two pics as my battery on my camera said "BATTERY EXHAUSTED" ~ how in the world can a battery be exhausted?  Only I can be exhausted!

Anywho ~ here it is and I hope you like it:

I'm going to add the fabric on the footboard too but I haven't gotten around to it ~ time, time, time.  How does time go so quickly? 

Thanks for stopping by ♥