Tuesday, June 1, 2010


You ladies know how it is to go out on a treasure hunt and want to buy everything you see?  Oh, I can do this to that table or I can fix that chair, its only $5 or not quite sure what it is, but it looks cool ~ we have all done this, right?  PLEASE do not tell me I'm the only one with this illness mentality :)   Its in our genes ladies, that's why we paint, decorate, design, decopage (is that spelled correctly...hehehe???) 

Well ~ I've been getting a little carried away here lately and have been buying more than selling ~ this is not a good thing.  My office is really cramped now ~ so is my living room (not too bad, though) and my garage ~ OMG ~ you really don't want to see that!  But it is an ORGANIZED MESS, if that makes any sense.

This is why I am having a CLEAR OUT MY OFFICE SALE ~ and here are some of the items available ~ and you can also make me an offer ~ I'm so nice, huh? 

Well, I really do want my office space back ~ I spend alot of time in here (that's where I am NOW) and I spend the rest of the time in my shop/garage.

So, visit my website at http://www.younique727.com/ and tell me you want to buy one of these ~ ITS ON SALE :)

Thanks for stopping by ♥