Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Penelope" ~ Antique Petite Chest ~ Now Funky & Chic

Here is another fabulous find that I fell in love with when I saw her ~ again, she looked a little ugly sad when I brought her to the shop but I had ideas running through the brain all the way home ~ I had actually gone to purchase some other items on this particular day but when I arrived ~ there she (Penelope) sat ~ I asked the lady if it was still available ~ she replied ~ well, someone is supposed to come and pick it up.  My response was, "oh, I don't hold anything for anyone ~ you know you may lose a sale like that" .  I had seen the items I was purchasing on C/L and since I knew it was going to take me a while to get to her home ~ I offered to pay her through paypal (I was a SERIOUS buyer......hehehe).  Well....guess what???  I was able to buy this piece too.

Here she is before we did anything to her:

She wasn't terribly ugly but she wasn't pretty either ~ she had some type of wallpaper covering on the top.  Well, we got rid of that paper real easy and the work began.  I decided I wanted something really bold, funky & chic ~ here is what I came up with:

Can you see the cool zebra print around the top???  Then I added some zebra knobs to give it more, are you wild about this one, like I am?  My granddaughter, Samantha, picked out this pink fuschia color ~ she has really good taste (at least I think so).....

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