Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Ava" ~ The French Provencial Desk

I posted several "treasures" a few weeks ago and one of them was "Ava" ~ she is a french provencial style desk with lots of beautiful curves, gorgeous details.  I remember as a child that french provencial style was considered "elegant"; well, in my neighborhood it was.  My parents had some some friends that a living room set ~ all "french provencial" ~ we were NOT allowed to sit on their couches if we went over there.  Well, with that in mind, I never cared for this "french provencial" style because I didn't have fond memories of it.

Now, as I've gotten older  more fashion savy, I ♥ the style ~  it reminds me of elegance, gracefulness, class,  o.k., get what I mean.  Well, Ava is all the above.  She is absolutely full of elegance and beauty.  I have decided to paint her a pretty blue and distressed her ~ the only thing missing is the hardware; but I know EXACTLY what to get.  Here is a picture of  AVA before:

Now, I will show you just a sneak peak of what she looks like now; remember, I have to add the jewelery and she will be ready for the ball.

As always, I appreciate you reading my blog ~ have any pictures of anything you have done?  Send them to me ~ I would love to see them ♥