Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Girly Girl Headboard & Nightstands

A couple of postings ago, I mentioned that my daughter had gone on a hunt for headboards ~ oh, sorry, this one I'm about to post ISN'T one of them, but I'll post it anyway.  When I first saw it, I really loved the curves and the details on it ~ again, sat around in my garage for a while.  Well, recently I found these two beautiful french provincial nightstands at a garage sale.  They were pretty but needed a little TLC ~ brought them home and here is the outcome.  First the headboard:

O.k., then the precious nighstands, which luckily, I do have the BEFORE pics., here those are

And, then here they are AFTER they were painted the beautiful yellow to match the headboard.  I really love
 this style of nightstands ~ so elegant and feminine:
Sorry, but I've only finished one as of right now ~ the other one is just about finished; but you get the idea, right?

Well, some little princess will love her room when these arrive at her home soon ~ I HOPE.  

Until tomorrow, send me something that YOU did ;) 


  1. Your comment you left me was so sweet I just had to reply! Thank you so much! I love all the furniture pieces you find and makeover! That's one thing I haven't gotten into very much. Not because I don't think I would LOVE it, it's just that my husband cringes every time I talk about remaking furniture. He knows I could have more projects for his list than he could do in a life time!
    Thanks for making my day!

  2. i am loving all your furniture redos so far, and i was excited to see a roll top desk. i just discovered one at my mother's house, and i am hoping she will let me have it! i will have to look for your do and don'ts when i get the courage to make over the buffet i thrifted.

    i am so glad you liked my sunroom redo, it was worth every moment since i use that space every day. thank you for following, i truly appreciate it!

  3. Hi Norma,
    Thanks for stopping by DivineDistractions and leaving such a nice comment. I'm thilled to have you as a follower, especially nice to have another Texan on board. On another note, I had to scroll down to this post to leave a comment because there was not place to do it on later posts. Also couldn't find a place to send you an email. Might want to check on that so it is easier for your fans to communicate. Thanks again, and have a great day painting!

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