Monday, May 3, 2010

Annie ~ The Beautiful Red Buffet

I was out running errands one Monday morning when I saw a little resale store that I had never noticed before. My mom and my sister were with me as well and I hesitated to stop as I knew they would probably be bored if I went in to see what they had. I stopped anyway and went in very quickly (mom and sister stayed in car).....the first piece I saw was a little sad looking buffet ~ she had great bones but needed a major facelift ~ I asked how much she was ~ the lady said $XXXX ~ it was a GREAT DEAL. I said, LOAD HER UP.

I decided to name her ANNIE ~ I put her in my shop/garage and she sat there for a few weeks. I knew it was going to take a few days to fix her up and sure enough, it did ~ I worked on her for about one week ~ the surgery was done, the sanding, and now ready for the painting.

Now to decide what color ~ why not red? Red is a BOLD color but I thought, why not?

After I posted Annie on C/L ~ I had several requests for her ~ it was really difficult telling people she was no longer available ~ heck, it was hard for me to let her gooooo! She looked so pretty in my foyer but oh well, on to the next project.

O.K., here is a BEFORE pic and the AFTER pic ~ let me know if red was a good color....

I really like Annie.

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