Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Blog Design Coming ~ Like My Button??

Hi everyone ~ did you notice anything DIFFERENT when you visited my blog?  Come on.....look harder....o.k., you give up?  I have a BUTTON....yes, pls grab that little button and put it on your blog; I would be so honored if you did that.  A pretty yound lady by the name of Tonya, over at lucky girl design created it for me.  I think she did a fantastic job.  She is also going to make a few other changes ~ sort of a facelift ~ it will be so pretty.

Come back next week and see what she did for me ~ can't wait till then.  I also have some new items that I'm working on ~ I'll give you a sneak peek ~ remember, I'm anxious to try that new rub'n'dub stuff by Amaco.....

1 comment:

  1. Your furniture makeovers are great. I am in love with that white caned headboard. We both love French Provincial style I see. You also have abn awesome stash of furniture to work with. What fun!

    There doesn't seem to be a place to leave comments on some of your more recent posts. Not sure if it's my problem or the comments were turned off? Anyway, just wanted to say hello! :)