Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Day at ~*yOuNiQuE727*~ This is where it all happens ~

We often follow blogs of our fellow designers, painters, artists, etc but never get to see where all the ACTION happens ~ so, today I decided to let you see our work space.  We aren't a big fancy store with cash registers, counters, security guards,  clerks  and everything else that comes with running a shop.  Nope, we are just a couple of sisters doing what God has given us the talent to do ~ and ♥ doing it ~

I actually started this by myself and then my sister, Nelda (call her Nel) wanted to help ~ she has always loved doing this so I said sure ~ first she was just sanding but now she's painting, glazing, & creating too! 

We work in our little "shop" with the radio on, fan blowing, drinking our diet coke and talking the entire time; now, I must tell you, Nel is a workaholic hard worker ~ I have to remind her to stop and take a break ~

When the end of the evening comes ~ we are exhuasted but we wouldn't have it any other way ~ I think this is what you call a PASSION ♥

I don't have a big fancy office either but I love my space ~ I have my computer, my chair, and furniture all around me waiting to be claimed ~

Last, but not least, this is the 1st place I come to every time I step away for awhile ~ my chair and my purse ~ can't be without either of these two :)