Saturday, May 8, 2010

Taylor ~ Small Dresser In Process

I have had this beautiful piece in my garage for about two weeks now ~ wasn't quite sure what color ~ didn't want to make the wrong decision.  Then, it hit me ~ if I paint it a mellow yellow, springy yellowish, light yellow, some kind of yellow ~ it can't be too bad.  So, here is a preview of what I've done so far ~ its a very light pretty yellow then I glazed the top and the sides (not the drawers yet)

After I glazed it, I wasn't sure if I was feeling it or not ~ I let two days go by ~ my mom came over and she really likes it ~ she only saw the TOP of it, which is the glazed part.  So, now I will go ahead and glaze the rest of the drawers.

These are the BEFORE pics, then the IN PROCESS....will post the AFTER pics next week sometime.


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