Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Michelle ~ Lowboy Dresser

We (my sister Nel and I) picked this piece up from a couple that had listed it on C/L ~ drove for about 45 minutes to the destination. When we arrived, it was a warehouse where this couple had lots of STUFF......I mean all kinds of STUFF. We were only interested in this piece, though ~ Nel saw it and fell in love with it. Now, mind you, I had to CONVINCE her before this that it could be a pretty piece of furniture with some sanding and painting. She wasn't too sure when she first the pics on C/L ~ but we drove over there anyway.

Well, I was right ~ it needed work but had lots of potential. Nel decided to paint it a beautiful TURQOISE color (its a very popular color right now) ~ she distressed it, added new hardware and here she is now....her name is MICHELLE.

Here is a BEFORE and AFTER pic.....let's see how long it takes before someone takes her home. We just posted her yesterday....the countdown is on.

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  1. I love the turquoise! I just picked up a half-moon shaped side table on Mother's day. Saw it on the sidewalk in front of a small antique store and got my husand to stop for it. I was planning to paint it turquoise! I'll pot before and afters soon on my blog. thanks for visiting - Cris G in CA