Sunday, May 2, 2010

Headboard Anyone???

Did I ever mention that my family is involved in my business??? I mean, my "yOuNiQuE727" business... Just a couple of days ago I mentioned to my daughter, Melissa, that I really needed some headboards to work on. Saturday came around and as usual, I was already swamped with other projects. She said to me, "mom, let me go see what I can find for you", off my daughter went in my SUV on a hunt for headboards.
To be perfectly honest, I was expecting anything as she doesn't really do this type of stuff ~ she works in the corporate world not in my painting

Anywho, a few hours later, she pulls up in my SUV and BACKS IT UP ~ this is what I do when I have items to unload! She totally surprised me ~ she started pulling out not only headboards but other pieces as well. WOW ~ I was so shocked ~ shocked because she actually picked up pieces that I LIKED. We have totally different taste in clothes, furniture, etc. so this is why I was shocked.

So, now she has begun working on them. I am going to post pictures of the BEFORE ~ come back in a few days and I'll have the AFTER ~ I also had pieces already to make up an entire bedroom suite ~ HOW COOL IS THIS~

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