Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lucy ~ The Antique Sewing Machine Table

I LOVE LUCY ~ if you remember this show then we can relate....that's a good thing. If you don't know anything about this show ~ it was a fun, family oriented, and great show. When I first picked up this table ~ my mom asked me "what are you going to do with THAT?" I replied to her, "it has lots of potential and it can serve multiple purposes ~ don't know exactly what yet, but let me think about it. Lucy ~ that's her name ~ didn't talk to me at first and I wasn't quite feeling it ~ if you know what I mean ~ I didn't know what color, what combination, etc. Then, someone asked me to custom paint Lucy for them in silver with black legs ~ I normally asked people to pay me 1/2 upfront via paypal ~ this person said she didn't use paypal but that she would send me a money order ~ so, I said o.k. The work begin ~ I went out and bought the custom paints needed for this project ~ a beautiful silver paint AND a Ralph Lauren Metallic Glaze ~ if you know anything about paint, you know this is not cheap. Well, I waited for a few days waiting for her "money order" ~ needless to say ~ it never arrived. After Lucy was complete ~ I notified the customer that the piece was ready and had been custom painted in the colors she requested ~ she never responded. Unfortunately, Lucy sat around for about two months with no one wanting to claim her ~ until TODAY. A wonderful lady named Susan claimed her ~ I knew that one day someone would love Lucy like I did. Lucy was delivered to her home today ~ I am happy because I know she is in a happy home.

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  1. This is a really pretty combination ~ I think you do lovely artistic work.