Friday, April 23, 2010

Clayton ~ Kingsize Headboard

Wow, today is Thursday and I haven't blogged all week. Its been really crazy busy here at younique727 but in a good way. We've sold several pieces; gotten new pieces in and the party continues.

This week I had the pleasure of meeting a very special client ~ her name is Alexis. We have been in touch with each other for about 3 weeks regarding this particular headboard. She decided she wanted it; told me what color and the work begin. In a few days, the headboard was complete and ready to go. Well, Alexis didn't have a way to pick this KINGSIZE headboard up, so we headed he way. I had forgotten how bad the traffic is in the downtown area then the Medical Center ~ we eventually arrived at her home. She was such a beautiful and happy person, I was so glad! O.K., then we proceeded to take the KINGSIZE headboard into the elevator and up to her apartment ~ when it was all said and done ~ it looked beautiful in her bedroom. That piece of furniture had the name ALEXIS all over it.

Another yOuNiQuE727 client that I was blessed to meet.....I LOVE MY JOB.

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