Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Shabby Chic Inspiration

A few days ago I decided I was going to transform my home into the shabby chic look ~ I've always loved this look and decor; however, my decorating has trended more towards the traditional dark browns, mahogony, elegant type of furniture. Well, since I've just about sold all my traditional home decor, I've got to start shopping and re-decorating....oh, you know I dread that :)

I've read plenty of blogs, magazines and such that I pretty much know what I want now ~ its just pulling it all together now.  All my current end tables and coffee table are dark brown ~ but that is an easy fix......I'll repaint all those when I can.  I'm buying new lamps, new rugs, well, when I say new, I mean from a thrift store and just fixing them up and making them beautiful ~ I hope......

I find things all the time but unfortunately I have a difficult time keeping them for myself.  Now that I'm selling home decor, in addition, to furniture, I want to sell that too ~ I guess I want to share these beautiful items with everyone as I feel I can always find something else ~ am I crazy or what?

The pictures I am posting are from a wonderful blogger named "Miss Mustard Seed" ~ she is the most creative person I've ever known.  She can do it all ~ paint, sew, use power tools and is a very nice person too.  She has so many ideas in her head I wonder if she ever sleeps.

Well, lucky for me, I have alot of furniture already ~ all I have to do now is sand it down and repaint it to the shabby chic look ~ don't know when I'll have to do it though. I have lots of pieces to finish for my clients ~ they come first.  So, I will get my home "shabby chic" as soon as I can.  In the meantime, I'll keep looking for more inspiration and hope that my home looks as beautiful as these pictures.

Thanks for stopping by and May God Bless You :)

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