Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fifi and Company ~ Oh, how gorgeous they are♥

Hello my friends,

Again, my apologies for neglecting my blog ~ sometimes we just need to give ourselves "me" time and that's exactly what I've done this past week.  Went to Louisiana to take a chance on winning a few $$$ ~ but guess what?  I didn't take my camera ~ what the heck was I thinking???  When we arrived at L'auberge Casino ~ I was in complete AWWWW.  SO BEAUTIFUL ~ o.k., to me it was beautiful ~ the gorgeous furniture, the mirrors, the 500 ft. ceilings, the carpeting, again, the GORGEOUS FURNITURE....I can't believe I forgot my camera!  O.K., so anyway, I did win some $$$$ ~ so, it was really fun and well worth it.

I have worked on a couple of pieces and I want to share them with you ~ I have tried a new paint color named Manhattan Mist (Behr) ~ its between a white and a gray ~ I really ♥ it....

I do have a question, though ~ when you paint a piece of furniture that is already white and go over it with a different white/gray ~ do you distress or not?  I haven't distressed these pieces because the color that will show thru is, am I right or wrong?  Tell me what you think or if there is something I can do to distress and make it look prettier.

Here is Fifi and her sister Little Fifi

The hardware was gold, as is usual with french provencial pieces, however, I painted them the same Manhattan Mist and then added a silver touch to them ~ I also added some crystal knobs to the top drawers to add a touch of elegance.

Thanks for stopping by and May God Bless Y♥U!

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  1. I say don't distress it. I love the dresser so pretty!