Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hello My fellow bloggers ~ where the heck have I been?  Well, let me see ~ my daughter and three children moved into their own apartment.  Hoorraaayy ~ I have my home back to myself again and I am still trying to organize, de-clutter, clean, etc. ~ oh, I love my daughter and grandkids but ohweeehhh, they sure can take up alot of space and they sure left a mess. 

Next ~ life throws wrenches in to let us know we are not in control, GOD is ~  like a flat tire when you're planning to get together with good friends for a GIGANTIC GARAGE SALE ~ yes, my friend Mandie at Altar'd had a big garage sale a couple of weeks back.  Jannet from Simple Matters and I were going to be there ~ but life made it impossible for us to get together.  O.K., so we'll try again some other time.

Then, as many of you know, my husband and I have been apart ~ we're trying to work things out.  We have been going to dinner, to the movies, talking and doing alot of praying.  Sometimes I think we just lose sight that love brought us together and that sometimes it takes alot more to keep us together. 

Here lately, I've had to step back and analyze myself ~ do I really need to lose my cool because my husband didn't pick up his glass from the coffee table or because he didn't offer to fold the towels on the couch?  I'm trying, friends, I'm really trying ~

Let me share some pics of some pieces I've done lately ~ I will do my best to come back everyday.  I have a facebook contest going on right now ~ thinking of offering painting and refinishing classes and also now offering layaways . 

I have really missed "venting" so if I go on and on, its just cause I haven't talked to you all in a looonnnggg time......

Thanks for stopping by and may God Bless You ♥

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