Wednesday, August 11, 2010

If Life Gives You Lemons ~ Make Lemonade

On Tuesday, I headed out to find some small accent pieces, as my friends were requesting some.  My dear mom and my sister Nel came along for the ride......we do alot of driving around, you ladies know that, right?  Yep, you find a great deal 30 miles away and you can't pass it up; well, at least I can'

So, I picked up a cute chest of drawers from a family who was moving to New Orleans ~ the  husband was getting transferred and they were trying to sell alot of their furniture ~ this particular chest of drawers was perfect for what I was planning on doing.  Then, I had a client who was looking for accent tables and these were PERFECT too. 

So, we're driving down the freeway, going about 65 mph, radio on 99.1 (Sunny), just talking away ~ I felt the road a little funny but I figured, oh, its just THIS freeway ~ there is no way it's my SUV (remember, I had a flat about three weeks ago already).  Then, all of a sudden, BAM ~ a loud noise and black rubber starts flying everywhere.  I HAD A BLOWOUT ~ Thank God it was one of my back tires.  So, now what?  Well, I sat in my SUV for about 5 minutes and my phone rings, ~ its my son.  "Hey mom, where are you?  I'm coming over to your house" ~ well, what great timing.  Needless to say, my son came to my rescue right away ~ let me make this short cause I have lots of painting to do ~ after he went a picked up a new tire for me (well, I paid for it, but he went and got for I said, lets go eat something ~ its been a heck of a hot day.  When I told my son WHERE we were going, he said "whatttt?""""  I said yes, that is where we are going.  He knows I very budget conscious and don't like to splurge on fancy restuarants ~ so, we went to a nice mexican restaurant that is a little pricey but their food is fantastic......I ordered WATER for everyone (drinks are almost $2.00 each) and then I said, o.k. ~ mom, Nel and I , we will share a meal and son, you can have your own ~ no problem ~ we're use to doing this (sharing)......

The food that they brought us was plenty and then some ~ then the best part ~ my ticket was only $17.20 for all of us ~ yeppers, when you order water, add lemons and sweet & low ~ lemonade at no charge!  This turned out to be a wonderful day.
My son, Freddy ~ my hero. 

Thanks for stopping by and may God Bless You ♥

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