Thursday, August 5, 2010

And the bidding starts at $100 for Miss Bella

I just finished this pretty little antique chest of drawers ~ its made of solid wood, intricate details, wheels for easy mobility, dovetail drawers ~ just she is before I did the work on her (Bella)

I was so anxious to get started on this piece as I knew she was going to be beautiful ~ wasn't sure what colors to go with but here was my final decision. 

I actually posted her on my website, my facebook page and of course, Craigslist....but then this morning, I had second thoughts about it.  I really wanted this piece to go to someone who REALLY loves her.  So, guess what I'm doing today?  I'm having an auction on my facebook page ~ yes, the bidding has started today at $100 ~ whoever offers me the most $$$ will take this baby home Saturday.  I know I could probably get more but I want it to go to a "friend" or "fan" or whatever you want to call your facebook family ~ so, I hope I made the right decision on both the paint colors and the auctioning part of it.  

Have a great weekend, my blogger friends ~ paint, shop, create and be safe ~

Thanks for stopping by and May God Bless You ♥


  1. Soooooooo pretty! With details like that, it is without a doubt that it was destined to be something pretty. Can't wait to hear what you end up selling it for!

  2. The auction sounds like a great idea. I'll run over to your FB page and see how it went. You just can't go wrong with pretty pink and white. It turned out really well.