Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lots of Furniture ~ But Where is the Dining Room Table?

I have been playing refinishing and painting furniture for almost a year now ~ at first it didn't take up too much space nor did it take too much time.  Maybe it was because I only did one or two pieces a week ~ but now....OMG......I have no dining room to speak of ~ no dining room table as that is actually where I am painting (its too darn hot outside).  Then, I look around and all I see are various cans of paint, brushes, glazes, sanding paper (for distressing) and I tell myself; "o.k., self, is this REALLY worth it" house is so out of whack that I can't handle it anymore......

Once you develop this crazy passion for painting, creating, designing furniture ~ you totally lose sight of everything else ~ well, at least I have.  I am one of these people that HAS to have a very neat, clean, tidy home ~ NO MORE ~ that is the least of my concerns I insane?  Does anyone else out there have this problem?
I make sure I clean the bathrooms and try to do laundry but it usually stacks up (and its only my husband and I)......I don't cook very often as it takes too much time, so I eat sandwiches or my husband will cook.  And on that note, thank God my husband is not one to complain about anything ~ he helps me as best as he can but not the way I would do all know what I mean, right? 
These pieces that I'm posting right now are ALL in my office and in my dining room ~ I'm too tired to take more pictures of all the paint cans, the brushes, etc.....actually too embarrassed to show
I am going to have to hire a maid or slow down on painting ~ I wish I could do it all and do it PERFECT but I can', for now I choose to refinish and paint the very best I can and my house is being so totally neglected.....I'm sorry little house.

I will get myself more organized and maybe slow down A LITTLE just so I can figure out where my kitchen towels are, my bath towels, my bills, etc.....just kidding.
Please let me know if you are having this dilema too ~ I have to do some real serious thinking here as I don't how much longer I can live in an unorganized home.

Thanks for stopping by and May God Bless You♥


  1. Good morning Norma :)
    It was a relief to hear someone actually take the time to express thier feelings of "reality in the home" I like to say. My passion grew for making baby boutique items while I was a full time working mom. I quickly realized that while working full time, there is NOT room for crafting as I had hoped. However, months later the passion grew due to attending crafts shows w/ Scentsy (wickless candles) and a desire to sell something I MADE just surfaced and overcame my thoughts. Go figure if within a month or so, I tried to find craft shows for my new boutique.... I then was laid off. Whew, because I really didn't know where this was going. I believe it is a gift from God, he sorts everything perfectly. He gives you signs well in advance should you choose to listen. He laid on my heart about a year prior to being laid off to be a stay at home mother...something I NEVER thought I would desire to do. Unfornately, it was a battle between my husband and I at times as he is old fashion...annnnddd if Melissa told you anything about our charter dept UGH!!! before she came, it was only 3 of us in ops...we had laptops and crackberrys and "on" 24/7. POINT IS!!! My living room became a mini craft room. My husband was VERY patience and is always supportive of my MANY ventures. Eventually... something was said. He wanted his home back. I cleaned it up and transfered materials to the front "office" However, I ALWAYS do my crafts in the living/kitchen area because, come one... it just WORKS. This last week, I didn't make one item (ok, well 1 for my cousin lol) but instead, FINALLY organized this house. Let me tell you... it has NEVER been organized. I cleaned my laundry room, painted it and added a 9 cube shelve to store my craft items, I am currently working on. I made room in my office and I try to keep the living area clean of crafts BUT my sewing machine is next to my dining table...... LOL.
    It seems as though there isn't an end in your job, that you have truly made it a FULL time income(where as I still consider mine a hobby and do not schedule it into my day.) Have you considered maybe using the garage as a work area or like me, like to be inside w/ everyone? I know the garage is hot, but shop fans make a world of differance. I also admire your husbands respect for what you have going on and he is very proud of you, I'm sure. I couldn't imagine really being in your place as I have not yet in my life been crazy about keeping my home "together" I actually have slacked extremely and plan to keep it together after this last weeks spring cleaning. Another thing...I should think to set myself a reminder and respond to this in a year. If I become sucessful, I may be worse off then ever. I would see if your husband and you can come together and think of a alternate "work area" for you, even if it took a little construction to make happen. I love to see your pieces and I wonder how other artisans do it...Thank you for being so open and honest. I admire you and wish you the best. Everything will work out... you may need to slow down but eventually you will find your happy medium. Lord bless

  2. I'm there with you! LOL My house is a bit more messy since I have been forgoing some housework to work on furniture projects... but it's all fun. Fortunately I can still do the projects out in the garage, in between changing the laundry out.