Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Its All About Furniture and NOW Jewelery and Home Decor Too♥

A few years ago I had a small boutique selling women's fashion jewelery, accessories and home decor.  I really loved the business and enjoyed every aspect of this business, unfortunately, I had to sell my business and take care of personal family matters.  Ever since then, I have still ♥ jewelery ~ well, since I am now creating beautiful pieces of furniture, I thought to myself, why not sell jewelery too? 

I know that women will always buy jewelery, it may be for everyday use or for just a special occassion.  Accessories are what make a woman's outfit ~ from casual jeans and t-shirt to an elegant little black dress ~ we must always ACCESSORIZE ♥

So, here are a few pictures of items that I am now selling through my facebook page (younique727) and my website.  Its only been available for two days now and the orders are coming in like "hot cakes".......I knew I couldn't go wrong with jewelery ~

Another item added to my inventory now is going to be home decor ~ yes mam, we know that not only do we want to look beautiful but our homes must look beautiful too.  So, in addition to the furniture line I originally started with, I have added home decor ~ some of it will be items that I'm making, others will be things that I pick up on my daily runs all over the world.....well, not literally, but it sure feels like it at the end of my day.

So, things should be getting even more crazy busy with the additional lines that I plan on carrying but what the heck ~ it makes my days FLY and I still love what I husband says we will need to start converting our garage into a "real shop" or move to a bigger house......hhhmmmm; I don't know which one is the smarter thing to do but for now, its all about beautiful furniture, beautiful jewelery and beautiful and fun home decor ♥

Thanks for stopping by and may God Bless You♥

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