Monday, September 27, 2010

Plants, Post Office, Wall Makeover & Younique727 Will Now Be In The Heights ~

In our business, we all know that we are constantly on the go.  Today was  no exception ~ my day started at 5:30 a.m. ~ made breakfast for my hubby and I and he was out the door at 6:30 a.m.....then I have to decide where do I start........I had jewelery pieces to ship out, pieces of furniture to finish, new pieces to pick up, a wall makeover to get done and I REALLY want to pick up some flowers, plants for my garden (they're 70% off right now ~ I ♥ that!).  So, I get all the jewelery wrapped up and ready to go......and my first stop........70% OFF ~ yes, I better stop now because this sale may end and we can't have that...

O.K., so I get my little flowers, plants, dirt and I'm happy now ~ REALLY happy as I haven't gardened all summer ~ been too busy.  Next stop, the post office; lets get the gorgeous jewelery shipped out to all my wonderful customers ( I have the best fans/customers in the world.....really, I do).
One more thing ~ that's a good feeling.  Now I need my daily Diet Coke ~ I ALWAYS go to McDonalds for this ~ ALWAYS McDonalds. Why?  Their drinks are $1.00 ~ no matter what size, they are $1.00 ~ that means alot to me.  No, I'm not cheap, I'm
Aaaaahhhh, this diet coke tastes sssssoooo good.  Isn't it awful that we get hooked on these drinks?  I love the fountain drinks ~ I can't explain it, but I just love the taste of these drinks as opposed to the can drinks.....I wonder if anyone else feels the same way....hmmmmmm.

Now, I'm headed over to do a wall makeover ~ this lovely lady had a bare wall that needed help.  She had recently bought some crosses and wanted to do something different with them.......that's where I come in.  I did the lettering for her and then placed the crosses and the frames she had on the wall.  One suggestion ~ buy some more crosses ~ I like walls with lots of stuff; well, not just any stuff, they have to go together and look cohesive ~ here is what the wall looks like now ~

Finished here then I have to stop by the pharmacy to pick up my husband's prescriptions ~ he's a diabetic and its very important that I get these medicines ~ o.k., so, make another stop ~ sorry, no pictures here.  Then the real fun begins ~ I am in the Heights ~ this is an area in the Houston area where you can find all kinds of antiques and really different things.  While I'm in one of the shops ~ I find this great piece ~ I think its beautiful.  They used to call these "gossip benches" ~ remember when you would have to actually SIT DOWN and talk on the phone?  No cell phones back in the days ~ well, I couldn't resist this one so I brought it home with me.....
While I was at this shop (Grace Hart & Co.), I decided to talk to the owner, Grace Hart herself.  I started asking about putting some of my pieces in her shop ~ this place has tons of traffic and is in the middle of antique shopland ~ perfect opportunity.  Ms. Hart and I talked and we came to an agreement that was favorable for the both of us ~ YEAAAHHH.....I am now going to start selling pieces at this great shop ~ in the Heights.  I'm really excited about this opportunity and can't wait to get started.  Now have to decide which pieces to take and which ones to sell myself ~ more to, Younique727 is now going to be at Grace Hart & Co ~ Houston, Tx.......

Wow ~ I thank God for all the opportunities HE is placing before me ~ I will not let HIM down.  I also want to thank all my customers, friends and fans for the continued support.....I ♥ all of you.

Thanks for stopping by and May God Bless You

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