Monday, September 6, 2010

My Kitchen Cabinets ~ Yuk

I have been doing alot of work in my dining room lately ~ not the remodeling type though, its been all the painting.  These days have been so hot that the furniture painting has come inside.  Not the sanding part, of course, all that continues to be done outside and it is really HOTTT.  O.K., so as if I don't have enough to do with all the makeovers and new pieces coming in, I decided to tackle a project that has been on my mind for 7 years already.......what?  Yes, 7 years......I bought this home 7 years ago, brand new and I just loved it ~ but you know how it goes, after a few years, you wish you would have picked a different flooring, different paint, another floor plan, and of course, different kitchen cabinets.

Here is a picture of what they look like ~ you know the color, usual oak colored.  I have not liked these cabinets for quite some time but hadn't really thought about painting them myself until NOW......I thought
well, if I can paint and glaze furniture, why can't I do that to my kitchen, I started with one.  I'm not brave enough to tackle the entire kitchen at once and I figured, if I don't like what I did, I'll hire someone to FIX MY MISTAKE......but guess what, they are turning out beautiful.  Here is only one picture of what they will look like.  I have been working on these for 3 days now......but not consistently, just when I have time.  I'm half way done and should be done in about 5 more days ~ if I tackled it everyday, I would have them finished by now ~ but have other projects to do ~ so, you know what I mean.

Since taking THIS picture, I went back, re-painted and glazed them again.  I decided not to distress them afterall and they now look lighter.  I will post the final pictures as soon as the project is completely done.

In the mean time, I'm loving my new cabinets already ~ they look so much prettier and my kitchen looks bigger.  Again, amazing what a little paint and glazing can do.

Thanks for stopping by and May God Bless You♥

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  1. Painting my kitchen cabinets has been the most pleasing makeover I've done so far. Every time I walk in my bright, happy kitchen I can't help but smile. They were gross 70's mystery wood laminate, now they are "Alpaca" white. It's a grayish white :)