Friday, September 17, 2010

My Birthday Celebration

A few weeks back I had blogged about how stressed I was because my house was in such chaos ~ I had been so busy with painting, refinishing, looking for items, etc. that I could not keep up with my home.  Well, my birthday came around (9/2) and I decided to start a new year with a clean slate......yes, on my birthday I spend the day doing this:

My dining room had been turned into a painting area as it has been TOO HOT to paint outside ~ so the dining room table was no longer here, instead here is what I had:

My family room didn't look quite as bad ~ well, I had to try to keep at least one room clutter free and paint can  Although you can see I had a desk waiting to be claimed and a little end table (these have since been sold since these pics. were taken.).....

Now, on top of trying to keep up with all this, I had this SMART idea to start repainting my kitchen cabinets ~ yeppers, they have looked this horrible for over 7 years now and I decided to start painting them NOW......what am I thinking, right?  Here is what they looked like before;

Here is what they will eventually all look like ~ I'm not finished yet ~ its a work in progress:

Then, later in the evening, although I was completely exhausted from cleaning, scrubbing, moping, etc. my husband took out to dinner ~ we went to one of my favorite place ~ Lupe Tortilla's.  I love their margaritas ~

This was the end of a tiring but much accomplished day ~ all is fine at younique727 ~

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day ♥

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